Let yourself be inspired by our highly skilled and knowledgeable members from the Knighthood of the Academic Art of Riding!

Lectures by:

Bent Branderup -
 Saturday 9.30-10.00
What is the academic art of riding?

Bent Branderup - Sunday 13.30-14.00
An historical perspective on the art of riding

Katrin Wallberg - Sunday 12.30-13.00
Core stability for horse and rider

Marius Schneider - Saturday 12.30-13.00
Crossover position in groundwork

Maria Norberg & Anna Lindh - Friday & Saturday 9.15-9.30
Pas de Deux two times during the event

Stine Larsen -  Saturday 12.00-12.30
The role of the academic art of riding in physiotherapy for horses

Monica Sander & Lobelia Barker-  Sunday 10.00-10.45
How your thoughts influence your riding (illustrated clinic)

Hanna Engström - Saturday 15.30-16.00
The importance of the seat to a balanced riding

Sabine Oettel - Saturday 13.00-13.30
How the garrocha can help develop your dressage

Christofer Dahlgren - Friday 
How to school you horse to collection by working on the longe

Christofer Dahlgren -  Friday
The schooling of the young horse

Christofer Dahlgren - Friday
Haut Ecole