Welcome to put up your caravan, tent or RV, camper 100 meter from the festival area. 
Welcome to book a place for your tent/RV/caravan/Camper in one of our fields outside the festival area. Their will be shower and WC beside the field. But their will be no electricity. 
The price is 500 Sek (55 eur) for a Tent, or 1.000 Sek (120 euro) for a caravan/RV/camper. The price is in total for the whole weekend. Welcome from thursday - sunday. You decide how many days you like to stay. Please remember to book your spot in time. By sending Mia an email at boka@horse-vision.se to put your reservation. WELCOME

Kinnekulle Camping: 400 m from the manor
Here you can rent a cabin or bring your own caravan or tent.
Phone: +46 510-54 41 02  Mobil: +46 705-44 41 02
E-mail: info@kinnekullecamping.com

Falkängen Vandrarhem - 2 km from the manor, in the middle of Hällekis, biking distance. 
Fully booked.
Here you can rent a room or apartment at the hostel or your own cabin.

Blå Pensionatet in Gössäter 4 km from the manor
Rent a room at this hostel with breakfast included if you wish.
Phone: +46 510-54 00 07

Hotel Gustaf in Götene 15 km from the manor (25 min by car)
A nice hotel in Götene with breakfast included, will also serve lunch and dinner if you wish
Phone: +46 511-590 10 E-mail: info@hotellgustaf.se

Stadts Hotellet in Lidköping 30 km from the manor (35 min by car)
One of the bigger hotels in Lidköping if you want an accommodation with a more luxurious feel.
Breakfast included.
Phone: +46 (0)510-220 85   Fax: +46 (0)510-215 32
E-mail: hotel@stadtlidkoping.se